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+2 Architects .Co has had 25 years of experience in design and execution of Interior architecture and decoration projects, with cooperation of young, experienced and professional engineers, in the areas of construction, installation and execution. The company has also taken great steps in management of large civil and architectural projects for many companies and well-known brands nationally and internationally. This has been a great achievement on our part and has caused development in the areas of design and architecture

The group has in the last few years changed and modernized its outlook and is relying on innovation, originality, customer satisfaction, speedy delivery and has a non-delay policy in respect to its projects for success and development.

Other aims and goals of +2 Architects .Co in the arena of modern design and execution of modern architecture are: analysis of plans and designs in the course of projects, on-time inspection and management, crisis management and use of expert technical & engineering teams.

Other aspects include execution of architecture & interior decoration projects for high-end brands and companies, nationally and internationally by the group in the last few years, as per specific standards of customers and organization of plans and designs in architecture according to technical specs given, having the highest quality.

It is hoped that in the future, using the latest global technology and methodology, implementation techniques, young, experienced labor force, this trend will continue and there will be improvement in quality in this area in Iran.

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The Biggest Tag Heuer of Middle east Event & Opening

The Biggest Tag Heuer of Middle east Event & Opening